These innovative ocean tech startups will each pitch for their chance to receive 1 of up to 10 prizes of $25,000, plus mentorship and business support. An I indicates an Indigenous founder or co-founder. The symbol indicates a female founder or co-founder.

3F Waste Recovery (Main Brook, NL) is a life sciences manufacturer focused on value adding local fisheries and natural resource waste streams into natural food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Acoustic Bait Technologies (Antigonish, NS) is developing an alternative bait system for the lobster fishery that uses recorded acoustic lobster sounds to attract lobsters into traps. I

Aquafort (St. John’s, NL) is developing a SaaS-based, predictive data analytics platform for the finfish aquaculture industry. The technology helps producers proactively manage & automate disease control, predict & boost ecosystem health, and automate fish behavior monitoring. This maximizes yield quality and quantity, lowers fish mortality rates, and increases revenue generation.

Blue Lion Labs (Waterloo, ON)  is providing fish farmers an early warning sign of a sea lice event by using an underwater camera system powered by artificial intelligence.

Copsys Industries Inc. (Halifax, NS) is advancing a disruptive digital technology platform to extend ocean asset life and reduce integrity assurance cost. Their system transforms protective coatings into digital intelligent skins to remotely sense asset health in real-time, improve corrosion protection performance, and prevent bio-fouling, with elimination of detectable underwater electric potential signature in naval applications.

Dartmouth Ocean Technologies (Dartmouth, NS) is developing novel microfluidic Lab-On-Chip (LoC) Sensors that help provide an early warning system to identify harmful algae bloom events.

Ghost Fishing Busters (Porters Lake, NS) is developing a range of simple, low-cost products to address mammal entanglement, lost gear and ghost fishing challenges. I ♀

Glas Ocean Electric (Halifax, NS) is building electric boat kits to convert existing and new boats to electric propulsion and is developing opportunities to dual purpose boat batteries as dynamic energy storage.

Grand River Robotics (Waterloo, ON) focuses on developing highly optimized robotic inspection platforms with connected web based data back ends. Their AUV is an underwater robotic autonomous IOT solution that will minimize loss of fish through frequent and complete imaging of fish nets to ensure the rapid repair of holes.

Greenoil Solutions (Frasers Mountain, NS) is developing a livewell filter system that purifies contaminated seawater and ensures catches, such as shellfish, lobster, crab and shrimp, are alive and healthy when offloaded at dock.

Harmony Desal (Cambridge, MA) is making seawater desalination more affordable and sustainable through its breakthrough technology: batch reverse osmosis.

HydroNet (Menlo Park, CA): The most efficient, scalable, and secure software-defined platform for real-time, high-speed data exchange and communications underwater—bringing the internet underwater to drive the growth of the Blue Economy.

Impactful Health Research and Development Inc. (Montréal, QC) is developing compostable active packaging to prolong the shelf life of fresh fish, increasing return on investment for the entire value chain while using a sustainable approach.

In Nature Robotics (Hanwell, NB) designs and manufactures lightweight, low-cost, solar powered, autonomous airboats for inland and coastal water monitoring and surveying applications. Their boats are built to be simple and straightforward to operate, easy for users to customize with add-on equipment, and reliable in operation. (Canoe Cove, PE) uses fish waste to provide active protection to marine industries through direct-to-metal coatings in harsh environments. Their solution saves users more than 30% on material and labour, while increasing or maintaining asset lifetime, reducing toxin exposure/imprint, and providing a high-volume value add for a fishery waste stream.

Marecomms Inc. (Halifax, NS) designs and builds robust and broadband wireless communication solutions for maritime environments. Their first underwater wireless communication product, RObust Acoustic Modem (ROAM), has been put to numerous tests in challenging ocean environments in the North Atlantic and shown to offer nearly 200 times faster connection speeds than the existing solutions with significantly enhanced reliability. ROAM will be used for establishing wireless links between underwater drones and vessels, as well as for wireless monitoring of underwater infrastructure and assets.

Marimetrics Technologies Inc. (Dartmouth, NS) develops technologies to monitor fish health and welfare in the aquaculture industry. Their solution enables early detection of aquatic animal disease, allowing operators to reduce mortality and avoid losing money.

Orcinus Technologies (St. John’s, NL) is developing an AI-based platform for real-time decision making related to fatigue management of subsea catenary risers and the mooring systems of floating wind turbines.

Pelagis Data Solutions (Point Edward, NS) is working with coastal aquaculture operators to deliver data-driven business improvements based on real-time data. Their solution provides the digital infrastructure that allows operators to better manage operations and respond to changing environmental conditions affecting the growth and sustainability of the farm.

Planetary Hydrogen Inc. (Gatineau, QC) produces clean hydrogen for a decarbonized economy while pulling greenhouse gas out of the air and transforming it into an antacid for the ocean, restoring ocean chemistry altered by climate change.

Polyamyna Nanotech (St. John’s, NL) designs robust antimicrobial technologies that completely eradicate pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Prosaris Solutions (Hammonds Plains, NS) has developed an affordable, lightweight and easy-to-use solution that detects and quantifies gas leaks. The product helps offshore oil and gas and marine operations, as well as many other industries, with safety and environmental monitoring and supports enclosure integrity assessment for vessels and containerized storage.

qualiTEAS (St. John’s, NL) is a corrosion inspection service company developing an AI-integrated image analysis software for near-real-time detection of corrosion and cracks on subsea assets. I

SeaChange Biochemistry Inc. (Clark’s Harbour, NS) creates chemicals for industry from sustainably harvested seaweed through an innovative biorefinery process. I

SeaHawk Robotics (Vancouver, BC) develops and operates multi-domain UAV-based ocean observation systems that disrupt current paradigms by improving access, increasing safety, and reducing the cost of data collection.

Sedna Technologies (Dartmouth, NS) identifies inefficiencies and opens new opportunities for simplified production planning and supply chain visibility within fisheries and aquaculture operations through the use of technology.

Sentry: Water Monitoring and Control (Charlottetown, PE) has developed a monitoring tool that enables facilities to identify toxic shocks and other issues that can have a negative impact on biology. Their solution will provide real-time understanding of water quality so that users can make better decisions on treatment, save time, reduce energy, and most importantly prevent potential fish mortality.

Subait Inc. (Dartmouth, NS) takes a scientific approach to develop a superior sustainable lobster bait substitute based on seafood co-products, replacing environmentally challenging commercial bait fish species.

Tracker Inventory Systems (Sydney, NS) provides aquaculture and seafood processing facilities automated inventory systems to reduce operating costs and provide production visibility for management and sales. Their solution uses computer vision technology to automate data entry, which eliminates manual and error-prone processes.

Virgil Group LLC (Washington, D.C.) is developing groundbreaking legal fisheries analysis software that goes beyond traceability to tackle this essential question in responsible seafood.

WeavAir (Toronto, ON) provides an end-to-end hardware and software solution for vessel emission monitoring by using predictive algorithms that promote regulation compliance and operation costs savings for ship owners, ship managers and port operation team.