Do you have a solution that could solve an ocean industry challenge?


Apply to the Ocean Startup Challenge Competition with an innovative idea or solution that addresses one or more of our industry challenge statements – or a problem you’ve identified – for your chance to win funds and business guidance to develop and test your prototype.


  • Applicants must be the majority owners of the company.
  • Existing companies must have been in business for under five years and have 15 or fewer employees.
  • Companies and teams from around the world may apply, but winners must register as a business in Atlantic Canada before funds will be released.


In selecting the competition winners, the quality of the idea/technology, the strength of the management team, and the clarity and persuasiveness of the written plan and oral presentation, all influence the judges’ decisions. 

Key criteria for evaluation include:

  • Pain & Solution: Description and quantification of the market problem/pain, uniqueness and significance of product, stage of development, proprietary position
  • People: Team, background and entrepreneurial track record of key individuals, ability to execute, commitment to venture
  • Competition: High barrier to competitive entry
  • Market: Large, growing international market
  • Execution: Credible plan to reach key milestones


Thank you for your interest. Applications are now closed. Shortlisted companies will be notified by September 4.

* Confidentiality and intellectual property notice: All applications will be treated confidentially. Only those individuals directly involved in managing or judging the competition will view your submitted documents. While application details will not be disclosed, the competition organizers reserve the right to publicly announce the names of applicants who are shortlisted and selected as finalists. Applicants will retain ownership of any intellectual property associated with their application. Please note that your application will be stored on our website for the duration of the application intake period. This website is hosted by GoDaddy.

If you have questions, are you experiencing issues with the online application form, or if you do not receive a confirmation email, please visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page or reach out to